Catch Some Rays

Branding, logo design, packaging, banners for an ice-cream targeted to young people.

The brief of this project was to create a brand for a shop that sells a food product. Catch Some Rays is an ice cream shop that offers variety of summer flavours. It is designed for young people to enjoy the fun with friends. It reflects joy and it is playful.

Jolieta Font

A font inspired by Angelina Jolie.

This font was designed to represent a clean, elegant and feminine feel that perfectly fit for packaging for cosmetic products or for magazines.

Logo Rebranding

The goal of this project was to recreate basic initial logo design into a modern-looking logo.

Samples of brochures and booklets designed for print purposes. Setting up documents with the right colour range as well as bleeds and a specific size. Experimenting with typography and layouts based on content.

Packaging Design

The objective of the brief was to solve the problem of clumsy packaging for a food product and develop a brand.

A smart solution for protein powder packaging which usually comes in a large container and it is hard to carry. It is targeted for active busy people, mostly women. The colours that have been used provides a feminine feel.

The solution of the packaging was the creation of a double folding box with separated sachets inside that are easy to carry and can be used multiple times if necessary. 

packaging design

Fuji tea – A brand that represents Japanese green tea. My role was to create a logo and develop a brand along with a packaging design for the product – Matcha green tea.

The product combines a variety of green colour scales. It reflects the colour of the matcha – fresh leaves, processed matcha powder and the final colour of the tea itself. 

Customised Home Decor

Creative patterns and vector based visuals for pillows, blankets, mugs and other accessories. Designed for print.

App Design

A design for a 30 days meditation program followed by tasks that helps to increase focus, memory and reduce stress. The aim was to create an app that will be consistent and user friendly.



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